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Way before i was pregnant with Henry, and before we were even sure we were going to have children, i was in full research mode. I read everything i could get my hands on related to pregnancy, birth and infants. Of course by the time i was actually pregnant i was done with pregnancy books and focused on more specialized topics-- like child care. I read as many books about babies and sleep as i could get my hands on once Henry was born and found Weissbluth's book Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child the most helpful.

I wrote mini-reviews of the books as i finished them and i've since shared this list several times with pregnant friends. So, i'm adding this to my resources section in the hope that it will help others embarking on their own pregnancies or child-rearing. I'd be happy to add some more recent reviews-- so free free to post your own in the comments section or email them to me through my profile.

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Mandu said...

Hi there, I had been behind for quite a while and slowly catching up. It sounds like you had a fun and productive summer, sorry though to hear that Silas is under the weather. I love all the little details of family management...puts such great perspective on things. I love the new book section, such a good idea. Hope you and the fam enjoy the rest of summer.
Take care,