28 Weeks

Back at home for the 28 week picture and glad to be here. Although traveling home from Maine on Thursday was no piece of cake due to weather, the storms this weekend were much worse. We got about a foot and a half of snow in Chicago and this big belly is starting to make lacing up my snow boots a real pain.

I went fabric shopping this weekend with friends to select fabric for all the crib and nursery bedding we're making. I got the crib bedskirt and curtains done this weekend and hope to tackle the next project next weekend. I'll have pictures of the room to post soon-- once things look at least halfway "done."

The main accomplishment the baby made this week was opening his previously fused eyelids and growing eyelashes. Because of this i'm told that he's sensitive to light and will move away a bright light shined at him. We have a doctor's appointment this week so we'll get another chance to check in on the little guy.
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27 Weeks

Different background, same (but growing) belly. This was shot on location at my friends' place in NY. NY was enroute to a work trip in Maine which i've just completed. I've got one more trip planned in early February and then i'll be done traveling before the baby arrives.

It was strange to see friends for the last time before i'm an official mom. I also noticed that the more the baby moves around, the more he feels like a companion to me-- which is comforting and a feeling i'm getting used to. The baby is supposedly acting much more like a newborn at this point-- with set sleeping and waking schedules. I definitely notice a lot of movement when i lay down to sleep but i'm not sure when he's sleeping. Posted by Hello


Guest Room Relocation

I mentioned a while ago that part of the work we were doing on our house was moving the old guest room/JT's office to my former office to make room for the new nursery. This move happened awhile ago and is shown here ready for visitors. We can't guarantee you'll get a quiet night's sleep, but there will still be a comfortable place to lie your head once the baby arrives.

I'm posting this picture in part to tide you over until next Thursday, which is the earliest i'll be able to post the 27 weeks picture. I'll be in NY this weekend visiting friends and then in Bangor, ME for work through Thursday next week. Maine in January-- work never ceases to send me to exotic locales! Posted by Hello


26 Week Ultrasound

Here is the 26-week ultrasound. I have to say i think it's the least clear of the bunch, but to explain, it's a side profile with his head on the right. The technician said he looked great and was weighing about 2 lbs 2 oz. He had his mouth open for much of the exam. We've got another appt in two weeks with the Doctor but it may be our last ultrasound.  Posted by Hello


26 Weeks

Well, i knew i was able to wear pants that were just too big a few weeks ago and this picture proves that my stomach just keeps growing! I'm feeling better now, the sciatic nerve problem seems to have gone and i've been able to keep my energy levels up.

I have an ultrasound tomorrow morning so hopefully we'll have new pictures. The baby has been pretty active lately and i'm pretty sure i got a foot to the ribs tonight. Posted by Hello


Bathroom Remodel

Well this isn't baby related exactly, but i posted a little while ago that we were doing some remodeling around our place. Although the bathroom was finished before Christmas, it's taken me awhile to get around to posting something because the whole process was exhausting. But, we're very pleased with the results and have a few pictures for you. Posted by Hello

And here's the other view! Posted by Hello


25 Weeks

They say the belly growth rate really picks up from here on out. We'll be able to see if that's true in my case using our belly tracking pictures. I have to say that i feel pregnant now. My back is starting to ache and for the first time i am really tired by the end of the day. I'm actually looking forward to getting back into my routine (exercise and other) now that the holidays are over.

The baby is moving around like crazy now. Not only can JT feel him moving, but i can see my stomach move when he kicks strongly. It hasn't affected my sleeping yet, but now i understand how it could. The baby is a little over a pound and a half and is growing hair-- which for some reason really disturbs me. I'm rooting for a bald baby. Having a human being growing inside of you takes enough getting used to, the boy having a head of hair just throws me over the edge.

The whole thing is much more real as we prepare to find a childcare provider, choose a pediatrican and interview doulas. Plus a friend of mine with whom i've shared pregnancy is set to give bith in the next few weeks-- makes me realize April will come sooner than you know it! Posted by Hello