Catch Up

Suddenly it's 80 degrees and it feels like summer is upon us.  It makes me feel very negligent in posting.  So here's an attempt at a catch-up.

About a month ago i got to accompany Henry's class on their first field trip to the fire-station.  It was a rousing success and turned out to be beautiful weather.  The kids even got to see the firefighters come down the poll-- even though they explained it doesn't get much use anymore.

There were new gardening tools and the early planting to do, and then a big trip to Virginia.

I had to go for a conference so the boys came along and got to spend the weekends with me and my parents and the week while i was away with JT's folks.  They had a blast and Silas did so much better than last year about traveling.  I'm hoping it's a good omen for a more settled beach trip this year.  

Henry took the reins on the camera and ta-da, i'm finally in some photos.  Really cool to see his point of view as well i might add:

Unfortunately as we were waiting to be picked up at the airport in Chicago Silas fell off a bench on his forehead.  He immediately had an enormous goose egg.  I was apoplectic and not sure whether i should abandon our luggage and go careening into the airport to look for the Doctor's station, wait for our ride and go straight to the ER, or just calmly call the Pediatrician.  Troy suggested that i call the Dr. and if need-be head to the ER based on the Doctor's advice.  So i did just that and she told me the signs to watch for in terms of a concussion, but said that he sounded like he was going to be okay.  And thankfully he was.  It was a scare for sure and his forehead is still looking pretty bruised and nasty.  Silas is in a phase where he doesn't like his picture being taken though-- so no photographic evidence.

The week we returned i got to go with Henry and his class to the zoo for a field trip outing.  There were so many adult chaperons that we were assigned a few kids and then able to go off on our own rather than try to maneuver 20 kids around the zoo.  I had a great time with Henry and his two friends and I'd say we pretty much covered the zoo.

This weekend we got together with our good friends Corey and Troy and had the last supper in their condo.  They have lived several blocks from us for the 4 years since we've been in our house and we've loved being so close and able to spontaneously get together.  They're moving temporarily to the south side and then out to the (near) suburbs.  So it's not like we won't see them again, but impromptu meetings at the park will certainly be harder.  On the other hand they have a beautiful big house and the boys are already planning on sleeping out in their back yard in the summer.