First Month

A bit tardy, but i wanted to post something about Henry's first month. Each week feels like i'm making the adjustment to motherhood a bit more. We've enjoyed visits from several family and friends in the last few weeks and i've gotten to know my son better through each of our visitors-- the things they notice and admire in Henry, and what he responds to helps me see him in different ways.

My parents came a few weekends ago and we got to celebrate our first mother's day and successfully ventured out with Henry to dinner. The next weekend brought my good friend Laurie's visit, where we discovered the kind of pacifier that actually pacifies Henry. Then this past week i was fortunate enough to have my mother-in-law stay with us and help me out the entire week. The constant support really gave me some breathing room and helped me feel more confident about comforting and caring for Henry.

We went to the pediatrician yesterday for Henry's one month check-up and from a birthweight of 6 lbs. 10 oz. he was up to 10 lbs! The nourishment aspect is certainly going well and i feel like i'm getting better at reading Henry's cues. His reflux has been mostly better which provides for calmer days and evenings. We've also learned that several times when he gets fussy in the evenings, he wants to just be laid down-- it's like he gets tired of being calmed and wants to do it himself. We are happy to oblige. I've posted some new pictures of the last few weeks which you can view by clicking on the yahoo link at the left.

Oh, also today is my 30th birthday which seems like an afterthought considering the import of having a child!


Small Blessings

Now who knows what kind of child Henry will ultimately be, but if you asked me to describe him honestly in one word, it would currently have to be fussy. I'm sure in part it's perception, but it seems like if he's not sleeping or eating, he's fussy. This morning he was making his normal range of seal-like noises and i knew he was starting to wake up. I went into his room to help him along so that i could change him and we could eat before he had a meltdown. Turns out he was already awake, just sitting in his chair wide-eyed, looking around, really content. Might just be a blip, but it was the nicest start to my morning and i felt like i should go ahead and log this before the fussy afternoon period takes over!


Week 3

This week has included a very steep learning curve. Monday was Jt's first full-day back at work coupled with Henry not sleeping much Monday night-- i felt quite overwhelmed and completely exhausted Tuesday and Wednesday. I realized that taking care of the baby seems really doable when you have two people around but as soon as it's just you on call all day (and much of the night), it starts to feel a little more trying-- especially when the baby cries a lot or is fussy and you can't figure out why.

The key for me it turns out is sleep-- which isn't surprising, but i've had to learn that if he doesn't sleep well at night i absolutely have to drop everything the next day and sleep absolutely whenever i can, not try to return phone calls, write thank-you notes, pick up the house, etc-- just sleep. I had JT come home early from work a few nights and my parents arrived Thursday night. Having four sets of arms to hold and comfort Henry this weekend has been marvelous. Now, i just have to brave it alone tomorrow. With any luck, Henry will continue to sleep well most nights like he's been doing.

I've also started to make plans to get out during the day for more than a walk around the block. I have friends coming over to visit, i'm joining a new mothers play group, and hopefully soon i'll start some mom and baby yoga classes that are in my neighborhood. To be honest, the best gift we received this week was the care and support of friends and family that dropped a kind email or phone call or came for a visit.