Right Now

:: celebrating Silas' last day as a 3-year old
:: anticipating his 4th journey around the sun tomorrow
:: planning a whole day in pajamas with nothing on the docket but playing with new toys, friends, and eating the birthday boys' favorite meal, pesto!


Right Now

Inspired by Soule Mama as a way to come back to this space---

Right now, I am...
:: loving JT being here in the evenings. Managed to go upstairs and to the basement without feet pounding on hard wood and shouts of "Mom where ARE you?"
:: checking the seeds we planted last weekend for spouts, as well as the bulbs just starting to peak out of the ground in the front.
:: making lists to stay on top of my FOGS  volunteer efforts and my project plans that multiply by the day
:: inspired by the butterfly breaths and quiet breathing Silas' preschool class demonstrated Thursday 
:: preparing to celebrate the return of spring
:: reining-in the long posts i compose in my head each night so that i might sleep

Wishing all of you wonderful "right nows" for the weekend.