24 Weeks

Okay, just to keep everyone straight, technically on 12/28 i'm 24 weeks and 2 days pregnant so although i haven't missed a picture i'm up to 24 weeks instead of the 23 you might have expected.

JT and i returned last night from Oklahoma where my parents and extended family gathered. We have a great time but were happy to make it home last night and sleep in our own bed!

The baby is over a pound and about a foot long. Although the baby vegetable comparisons seem to have stopped, they say that my uterus is about the size of a soccer ball now and the baby is growing quickly to expand into the space. Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas. Posted by Hello


Dr. Appt--22/23 weeks

I had a routine Doctor's appointment yesterday and realized that this counting of the weeks and months is quite confusing. When i post pictures each weekend i consider that the end of whatever week i've just finished. Technically that's not right, and i've already begun another week, but it's close enough. When i was at my doctors on Monday she told me i was 23 weeks and a few days so maybe things are a bit more off than i thought. I do know the due date is April 18th (or 17th depending on who you talk to) so i'll just continue to work from there.

Otherwise the appointment was pretty routine. I find that i have fewer questions now and when i do they're fairly random. The baby's heart beat was a nice strong 150 bpm and was laying right there in the middle of my belly-- fairly easy to find. At my next appointment in January they'll do another full round of blood work and do a test to make sure i haven't developed gestational diabetes. At my next appointment i'll be in my third trimester which i can't believe.

I feel like i'm normalized to being pregnant so it's such a hard thing to internalize that the pregnancy is temporary and a weigh station on to the child that i know will have such a profound change on our lives. It's easy to get caught up trying to really feel what things will be like, so i'm just trying to enjoy the process.


22 Weeks

We've finished 22 weeks and starting on the 17th, i have 4 months left. I started having sciatic nerve pain this week which comes and goes but isn't fun or comfortable. I'm trying to stay active and stretched out to help things-- hopefully it won't last for the rest of the pregnancy.

The baby is a little over a pound, and developing his lungs this week. His movement is stronger and more consistent now but i'm still not sure it can be felt from the outside. This weekend we went to a party where there were two other women that were 8 months pregnant. I realized i'm not quite as big as i think! Posted by Hello


21 Weeks

Sorry for missing 20 weeks, but here is the conclusion of 21 weeks. I've had a cold this week and have been trying to lay low, so i'm finally starting to feel a bit better. I'm feeling the baby move a lot more now and i think it's strong enough where JT will be able to feel it soon as well!

The baby supposedly weighs almost a pound now and his ears are functioning and can hear sounds from the outside. We may have to begin testing to determine his music preference now. Posted by Hello



After! Posted by Hello

Home Renovation

The Thetford Bloch Household has been busy this week. We're having work done on our home. And while the bathroom still looks like a war zone, the fireplace, mantel and ceiling fan turned out quite nicely i think. Here's a before picture, next i'll post the after! Posted by Hello

Well, as you might have noticed, i haven't posted a 20 weeks picture. JT's Boston trip was extended and he returns this Friday. So, without a remote for our camera, no belly shots. I did however buy and decorate our Christmas tree which i'm showing you here in the daylight. Happy Holidays! Posted by Hello


20 Weeks

Sorry folks, no picture at the moment. I just returned from DC this morning and after JT picked me up and we chatted while i unpacked, he was off to Boston for a work trip. So, no one to take my picture at the moment. He gets back Tuesday night so hopefully we'll have something on Wednesday.

I spent the week in DC for work, but got to see several friends and my parents while i was there. My friends Jen and Colin have a new baby and not only is she so cute and fun to hold, but she made me really excited for our baby's arrival. It's like the abstract became real, at least for a weekend. Oh yeah, and i got to sleep all night-- what's not to like!

Very disappointing, but no fruit or vegetable references this week. The baby is about 13 oz. and is putting on fat. I found out recently that a good friend of mine in Chicago is pregnant. So i have to retun the maternity clothes-- but our babies will only be 3 months apart which should be fun and very helpful!