Cloth Diapers at Target

This just in.. at least at our Target they are now selling "real" cloth diapers. They don't have a big selection, in fact they just sell one type and one brand-- BumGenius 3.0 which are "all-in-one" (AIO) type diapers. On the messageboards and forums i check these diapers get high marks for the AIO category and they're being sold for the same price they can generally be found online ($17.95) without the shipping.

At our store they're on an internal end-cap next to other cool baby items that typically you could only get online (babylegs, wetbags, no slippy hair clippy, etc.) It's just a small start, but it gives folks who are interested in cloth diapers a chance to open the package, see what an AIO is really all about and buy one without paying shipping to test drive.

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