Tuesday when i was talking about my trip to Atlanta this week i told the boys I would take them to school on Wednesday morning and JT would pick them up in the afternoon since i'd be going to the airport. Henry said "i don't like it when you travel." It wasn't particularly emotional, but he said it and it was negative which both hurts a bit and is a turning point. Previously he and Silas both have been largely nonchalant about my travel. I know it's not easy, it certainly asks JT to shoulder a full-time parenting burden for a few days, but i also know the kids are in good hands. By all accounts they've done great while i've been away this visit. I now call and talk to both boys before they go to bed which tells me that Silas is definitely getting older. Nevermind the conversations seem to focus a lot on booboos and what they had for dinner, but the both chatter away-- Henry with his "Mommy i want to tell you something" and Silas with his "Mommy. Mommy? Mommy!" Even as i'm answering each request with a "yes Silas?"

I'm looking forward to being back Friday night and not travelling again until early August when i bring the boys with me and we go on vacation!

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Anonymous said...

Wow! Henry's comment is just a glimpse ahead to that ultimate parental responsibility, "letting go"
Cherish the time you have with these little guys, they grow so quickly, learn much more than you ever imagined and test you often as they rush headlong to independence!
I think one of the harder parenting things is to make them a part of your life without them becoming your life. Your work permits you to provide for them and care for them the way you want. Also being away gives them a chance for other experiences and to experience change in their routines which is a good thing!
Happy and speedy travels. Gran