5 Years in Pictures at the Beach

You know how lots of people take pictures of their babies in front of the same stuffed animal to visually mark how they grow? Heading to the beach each summer offers visual reminders of the boys' growth and development, along with all the memories looking back at these pictures evoke. But for now i'm leading with the pictures...

Henry 3 Mos and Nonna:

Henry 14 months:

Henry 14 months:

Henry 2 Years:

Henry Beach 4 Years:

Henry Beach 5 Years:

Silas 4 Months:

Silas 15 Months:

Silas Beach 2 Years:

Silas Beach 2 Years:

Silas Beach 3 Years:

Boys Beach 2010:

Family Picture 2008:

Family Picture 2010:

Parade 2008:

Parade 2009:

Parade 2010:

Baseball Game 2009:

Baseball Game 2010:

Sherman 2008:

Sherman 2009:

Sherman 2010:

Carousel 2008:

Carousel 2010:


Anonymous said...

Oh that was soooo fun!! I loved it!!! Thanks, everybody!

Anonymous said...

I so enjoy looking at these pictures. I must have returned here at least 85 times! Thanks for sharing!