More Sleepovers!

Sleepovers seem to be the big milestone for our family this year.  Nevermind that Henry's friends have had half of their teeth fall out and he is yet to lose one.  Or that we're still working on tying shoelaces (damn fine motor skills), and this summer will be all about tackling riding a bike without training wheels.  So for now, in what's left of this winter, we are all about sleepovers. 

Henry went to his first sleepover last night and the text i just got indicates it was a success.  The stars aligned and Silas was also out of the house for awhile last night.  He was invited to his first sleepover but isn't quite ready.  So instead he went for a "night-time play-date."  We picked him up close to 9 and then at his request he had a "sleepover"  in our bed.  The getting to go to yoga and then dinner with JT without paying a babysitter was awesome.  The sleepover guest in our bed-- not so much.  Imagine this but with a bigger "baby."

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