Conscious of time and space

Especially as we move into the holiday season, i'm highly conscious that this is our last thanksgiving together as just a couple, our last Christmas travel plans that don't involve major machinations, and the last time we're primarily concerned with each other. I'm excited for the change, but it's hard to know and not know what we're in for.

Luckily we have a number of friends with all different types of children. We've seen different strategies for parenting (and just coping at the beginning), and i've read a lot about parenting in general, and its effects on your relationship with your significant other and yourself. JT and i have talked about likely situations and how we'll deal with them, and unlikely situations and how we'll deal with them. Except for all the stuff we're supposed to buy (and the room i'll be putting together eventually) i feel prepared for the arrival of the actual child.

Except it seems you can't really be ready, just ready to be flexible and go with how demanding and new and absorbing everything is at first. And i can say i'm ready for that, but i think it will take just jumping in. So now is a bit of a wait and see as the baby becomes more real (i can feel him moving now) and we continue to intellectually prepare for his arrival.

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Tarek said...

We're having an interesting second holiday season with Reid. It's true what you say about that keen sense of "never being alone again" for these events. Thanksgiving has been a family holiday forever, but I guess I've not really felt what that meant until this Thanksgiving, surrounded by cascading family members the age of our son, a generation younger than myself and my cousins -- all of whom have always been "the kids" since I could remember. It's definitely different and all new, but not in a bad way, necessarily.