20 Weeks

Sorry folks, no picture at the moment. I just returned from DC this morning and after JT picked me up and we chatted while i unpacked, he was off to Boston for a work trip. So, no one to take my picture at the moment. He gets back Tuesday night so hopefully we'll have something on Wednesday.

I spent the week in DC for work, but got to see several friends and my parents while i was there. My friends Jen and Colin have a new baby and not only is she so cute and fun to hold, but she made me really excited for our baby's arrival. It's like the abstract became real, at least for a weekend. Oh yeah, and i got to sleep all night-- what's not to like!

Very disappointing, but no fruit or vegetable references this week. The baby is about 13 oz. and is putting on fat. I found out recently that a good friend of mine in Chicago is pregnant. So i have to retun the maternity clothes-- but our babies will only be 3 months apart which should be fun and very helpful!

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