Dr. Appt--22/23 weeks

I had a routine Doctor's appointment yesterday and realized that this counting of the weeks and months is quite confusing. When i post pictures each weekend i consider that the end of whatever week i've just finished. Technically that's not right, and i've already begun another week, but it's close enough. When i was at my doctors on Monday she told me i was 23 weeks and a few days so maybe things are a bit more off than i thought. I do know the due date is April 18th (or 17th depending on who you talk to) so i'll just continue to work from there.

Otherwise the appointment was pretty routine. I find that i have fewer questions now and when i do they're fairly random. The baby's heart beat was a nice strong 150 bpm and was laying right there in the middle of my belly-- fairly easy to find. At my next appointment in January they'll do another full round of blood work and do a test to make sure i haven't developed gestational diabetes. At my next appointment i'll be in my third trimester which i can't believe.

I feel like i'm normalized to being pregnant so it's such a hard thing to internalize that the pregnancy is temporary and a weigh station on to the child that i know will have such a profound change on our lives. It's easy to get caught up trying to really feel what things will be like, so i'm just trying to enjoy the process.

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