25 Weeks

They say the belly growth rate really picks up from here on out. We'll be able to see if that's true in my case using our belly tracking pictures. I have to say that i feel pregnant now. My back is starting to ache and for the first time i am really tired by the end of the day. I'm actually looking forward to getting back into my routine (exercise and other) now that the holidays are over.

The baby is moving around like crazy now. Not only can JT feel him moving, but i can see my stomach move when he kicks strongly. It hasn't affected my sleeping yet, but now i understand how it could. The baby is a little over a pound and a half and is growing hair-- which for some reason really disturbs me. I'm rooting for a bald baby. Having a human being growing inside of you takes enough getting used to, the boy having a head of hair just throws me over the edge.

The whole thing is much more real as we prepare to find a childcare provider, choose a pediatrican and interview doulas. Plus a friend of mine with whom i've shared pregnancy is set to give bith in the next few weeks-- makes me realize April will come sooner than you know it! Posted by Hello

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