28 Weeks

Back at home for the 28 week picture and glad to be here. Although traveling home from Maine on Thursday was no piece of cake due to weather, the storms this weekend were much worse. We got about a foot and a half of snow in Chicago and this big belly is starting to make lacing up my snow boots a real pain.

I went fabric shopping this weekend with friends to select fabric for all the crib and nursery bedding we're making. I got the crib bedskirt and curtains done this weekend and hope to tackle the next project next weekend. I'll have pictures of the room to post soon-- once things look at least halfway "done."

The main accomplishment the baby made this week was opening his previously fused eyelids and growing eyelashes. Because of this i'm told that he's sensitive to light and will move away a bright light shined at him. We have a doctor's appointment this week so we'll get another chance to check in on the little guy.
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