First Month

A bit tardy, but i wanted to post something about Henry's first month. Each week feels like i'm making the adjustment to motherhood a bit more. We've enjoyed visits from several family and friends in the last few weeks and i've gotten to know my son better through each of our visitors-- the things they notice and admire in Henry, and what he responds to helps me see him in different ways.

My parents came a few weekends ago and we got to celebrate our first mother's day and successfully ventured out with Henry to dinner. The next weekend brought my good friend Laurie's visit, where we discovered the kind of pacifier that actually pacifies Henry. Then this past week i was fortunate enough to have my mother-in-law stay with us and help me out the entire week. The constant support really gave me some breathing room and helped me feel more confident about comforting and caring for Henry.

We went to the pediatrician yesterday for Henry's one month check-up and from a birthweight of 6 lbs. 10 oz. he was up to 10 lbs! The nourishment aspect is certainly going well and i feel like i'm getting better at reading Henry's cues. His reflux has been mostly better which provides for calmer days and evenings. We've also learned that several times when he gets fussy in the evenings, he wants to just be laid down-- it's like he gets tired of being calmed and wants to do it himself. We are happy to oblige. I've posted some new pictures of the last few weeks which you can view by clicking on the yahoo link at the left.

Oh, also today is my 30th birthday which seems like an afterthought considering the import of having a child!

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Jessica said...

I've been reading your updates and enjoying the pictures. Henry is beautiful and you are doing an amazing job!

I only have your work email and the last time I tried to email it sent me a message that you are on a leave of absence.

Gee, I bet mommyhood doesn't feel like your on 'leave'(-;

Feel free to email me at:
jgh (one) at cornell.edu I'd love to email you a hello!

Jessica and Joshua