Small Blessings

Now who knows what kind of child Henry will ultimately be, but if you asked me to describe him honestly in one word, it would currently have to be fussy. I'm sure in part it's perception, but it seems like if he's not sleeping or eating, he's fussy. This morning he was making his normal range of seal-like noises and i knew he was starting to wake up. I went into his room to help him along so that i could change him and we could eat before he had a meltdown. Turns out he was already awake, just sitting in his chair wide-eyed, looking around, really content. Might just be a blip, but it was the nicest start to my morning and i felt like i should go ahead and log this before the fussy afternoon period takes over!

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Marisa said...

Hey Tamra,

You're a trooper. It sounds like you're doing great with Henry. I understand that kids with digestive issues are uncomfortable almost all the time, which would explain the fussiness. I'm sure you're doing the best you can with a difficult situation. Hopefully this morning's peace translates into Henry's improvement, for your sake and for his. Thanks for your honesty about being a new mom!