19 Months, 2 Weeks, 6 Days

Well tomorrow is s-day, Surgery. I mentioned that Henry was having urologic surgery and the time has come for it. It's scheduled, so it's not emergency surgery or anything, but it's still scary because he has to have anesthesia. We just got a call that we need to be at the hospital at 6 am tomorrow morning. Although getting up at the crack of dawn isn't going to be great for anyone, the fact that he can't eat after midnight means that the earlier he has surgery the earlier he'll wake up from the anesthesia and be able to eat.

Luckily i've met more than a few moms (through my message board) that had surgery with their children so people have been able to give me some tips on what to expect with the anesthesia and the best way to help Henry through this ordeal. At least he doesn't know that all of this is coming so he doesn't have time to get worried about it until it's time for the actual procedure.

I'm not sure i'll be able to post tomorrow depending on how long we're at the hospital and how Henry is doing after we get home, but i'll make sure to update you when i can. Any positive thoughts you could spare for Henry (and us!) would be greatly appreciated!


Kathy said...

Good Luck Henry (Mom and Dad too). We will be sending our good thoughts your way. Love to you all.

Tabitha said...

He'll be such a trooper Tamra. Remember to call if you need anything, really.

Colin said...

I hope the charming picture of all of us at A&J, paired with this blog entry, isn't meant to insinuate the dim sum is to blame! The little fella hardly even at anything there! Just kidding... great photo though, and best wishes with everything. We haven't had to endure surgery yet (just made Dangerg!rl knock on wood over here), but Aidan and I did spend a rough overnight in the ER together when he was about Henry's age. Ugh! We love ya.

Anonymous said...

We are so glad all went well and we will continue with our good thoughts and prayers. Hang in there Mom and Dad- in a few days this will be all but forgotten!LOve you all.