20 Months, 3 Days


Hmm, we're not quite sure what to make of Henry. Unfortunately he seems to have some kind of stomach bug that is lonely affecting his lower GI. We kept him home from daycare today but i talked to the nurse at his office and she gave me some suggestions for things to feed him and to switch to soy milk because it could last up to 2 weeks. I would say that otherwise he seems fine except for a few aberrations.

We were worried yesterday that maybe his netherregions were infected. Things were looking kinda gross down there and he has been really complaining about the bath the past two nights-- read screaming and crying about taking a bath. We had his post op appointment today and she said that things actually looked really good-- except for the mad case of diaper rash he has from all the GI stuff. She said what we thought was infection is actually "fibrous tissue" which develops before the real skin grows back. We're supposed to go back in 3 weeks, to make sure things are continuing to progress, but for now he looks just fine. She said that the bath really shouldn't be hurting him but maybe it's his diaper rash that's bothering him. I'm sure the rash is a contributing factor, but he was really upset about a bath before the rash appeared so we're a bit stumped and wonder if part of it isn't psychosomatic.

Today after Henry woke up from his nap he was in a strange irritable mood. He would send himself into absolute tantrums over the slightest thing-- and i do mean send himself into them. Normal irritated state means that if we move his crackers or try to take the Christmas card away that he was looking at he'll get really upset and start throwing a proper fit. Tonight he would move his crackers HIMSELF and similarly just melt down. He took a long nap (but it was late because of the Dr. appt) so we're not sure if he was just a) having a bad evening, b) feeling a little yucky still or c) has rabies.

Here's to an uneventful and quiet night and hopefully a better day tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

I admire your sense of humor that you maintain through Henry's periods of turmoil! I think a violent diaper rash would send me, too. Is leaving his diaper off an option? We are so looking forward to seeing all of you, regardless of rabies or whatever!
Sheree and Tom

Tabitha said...

Sorry he's not feeling better. I'm not sure if your nurse told you yogurt and bananas help tummy problems and runny diapers. Good luck and hopefully he feels better soon!

Jennifer said...

Tamra, I posted on Spring Beans too but I wanted you to get the info ASAP. He might have a yeast-related rash (similar to our own yeast infections!) and clotrimazole 1% cream heals it. Ask a pharmacist if you aren't sure, but it helped my girl when diaper rash creams failed completely.