6 Months, 3 Weeks/ 2 Years 6 Months

First, a short PSA. I recently had a scare with a small spot that had developed on my nose. It wasn't a pimple but it an unidentified sore that came out of nowhere and kept scabbing over and then bleeding again at the slightest provocation. I was terrified it was skin cancer, which thankfully it's not-- but it is actinic keratosis which is considered a pre-cancercerous skin condition. It doesn't surprise me that i have this, growing up on Guam with the fairness of skin that i have. But, i encourage you to wear your sunblock and keep your mocking comments to a minimum when my children are covered head to toe in Victorian bathing costumes.

Now for the good stuff. Thankfully for both you and I, Silas has decided to return to his good sleeping habits after our two-week rough patch. He didn't cry at all when he went to sleep last night and only woke-up once very briefly. Of course this means he wakes up earlier in the morning, but i'll take that anyday over the extended crying bouts we've been trying to cope with.

If you've been glancing over at the "Henry's Expressions" segment of the blog, you might have wondered about his comment related to homework. At target the other day he picked out a pre-school workbook that is all about tracing and learning uppercase letters. He was excited to look through it at the store and when we got home and he discovered it at his little table, he was VERY excited to sit there and "trace" his letters. Even though we've shown him how it's supposed to work, he takes great pride in merely scribbling on top of each letter. Still, you can tell he's very impressed with himself and so excited to be "do-ing homework."

I've made some progress on the basement. Not as much as i would have liked to, but i got the carpeting down and curtains up to hide the things that just aren't going to be improved. I'm hoping to put in some false walls to further section some things off but that's probably not going to happen until November at this point. I'm also working on upping the lighting quotient down there-- for now the flash at least helps illuminate things. Here are some "in-progress" pictures of the steps to the basement and the various play "centers."


Anonymous said...

The play centers look great- I know the little ones will love them. I especially like the steps. Glad your spot was nothing! Sheree

Anonymous said...

I'm with ya sister! I'm generally the only person on the beach covered from head to toe. I think the last time we went to Hawaii the pervasive comment was, "You're the only person I know who comes back from an island whiter than when she left!". Bring on the Victorian bathing suits (and the hat, and the long sleeve shirt, and the sunglasses....)! I'm still trying to get rid of the sunburn damage from our Magnificent 7 days on the beach!


Colin said...

Three responses:

1. Sorry to hear about the scare. I'm still waiting for my honeymoon backburn fiasco in Belize to come back to haunt me.

2. Glad to hear it's not skin cancer, and glad to hear you caught it early.

3. No can do on the mocking comments: If you bring your kids out in Victorian bathing costumes, you'll get what you've got coming to you. Remind me, before next summer, to drop some cool surfer's rashguards in the mail for those poor depraved fair-skinned souls. There are simple ways to avoid mockery, Tamra! Let me steer you right: I'm a burn-easily type and have learned some tricks of the trade without compromising style or integrity or getting myself pummeled by beach bullies.