First Bites

Silas has done VERY well with this solids stuff. We started him out with yellow squash and after a slightly puzzled look after the first bite, he proceeded to gobble down 3/4 squash on his very first sitting. Yesterday we sent an entire squash's worth to Brenda's (thinking it would last two sittings) and he ate the entire thing. He's also been downing an extra 6 oz. of milk per day so i can only imagine we're going to be headed in the right direction at the weigh-in in 6 weeks.

Silas is still working on sitting unassisted, but he did stand on his own while holding onto/leaning on the coffee table the other day. His favorite activity was trying to grab onto things on the table and then shoving them off to the floor. This was a prime occupation of Henry well into his second year so it's a good thing we don't store much on the coffee table.

Henry is really looking forward to his Gran and Nonna's visit this weekend. We started talking about it a few days ago and every time we say "Gran and Nonna will be here in X days" he says "No RIGHT NOW." I'm sure he is ready to see his grandparents, but RIGHT NOW is the phrase of the day. It's funny to hear all the things he applies it to.


Anonymous said...

What fun news! I'm glad food is a hit with Silas. Have a great weekend everybody! We'll be thinking of you. Sheree/Oma/Mom

Colin Bane said...

Howdy there, Thetford/Blochs!

I got out of the habit of checking this there for a while, but just got all caught up. The boys are looking great, and I love the signature hats they're sporting in some of the recent pics. Hope all is well, and we'll look forward to seeing you in Colorado soon! (You've already started making plans, right?)