Does leaf blowing count as cardio?

So somewhere along the way after working so hard to lose the weight i gained with Silas, an additional 5 lbs. crept up on me. I get why they tell you to weigh yourself a couple times a week because suddenly my pants were feeling tight and the scale was hard to believe. So, i've gone back to not drinking any alcohol during the week and if things don't start to pick up i'll also scale down to the salad plate for dinner.

I also decided that with the luxury of being home at Thanksgiving i would start training for the 8K turkey trot. Of course my first week of training came last week when i was home for 48 hours and traveling to CA and OK for the rest of the week. Honestly i did miss a few workouts but i managed to pretty effectively multitask on Monday by running to the target, picking up my prescriptions and running home. I leveraged my west coast jet lag by getting a morning run in and chalked all the airport and luggage escapades as the remaining cardio and strength workouts.

This week has started off better but i think realistically i'm going to have to substitute the 30 minute cardio sessions for leaf blowing. So, i'm staying flexible and trying to make some progress.

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