Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Bronchitis?

So one of the things i've find most frustrating about being sick* is that i'm held back from all the things that i've planned on doing and really want to do. Sometimes they're fun things like take the boys to our community Halloween party, host my quilting group, or train for my upcoming 8K run. Sometimes they're not fun but necessary like finish bringing in the outside stuff for the winter, rake, clean out the garden, etc. Either way there's something out of my control getting in the way of my plans. I'm not the best at letting go of control but at this point i'm somewhere being accepting and being forced to accept that i have to in order to get better and resume normal operations. So, we're down for the count for a bit. Hopefully the medications will take effect and we'll be back on track in time for Halloween.

*In case we haven't been able to personally tell you we're struggling with the following:
JT: recovering from a two-week cold now in CA for a few days
Silas: home sick with a double ear-infection
Tamra: trying to recuperate from bronchitis and sinusitis while taking care of Silas, parenting solo and trying to crank out some necessary work
Henry: holding up as the healthiest one in the family

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Sharron Mendel said...

Have you ever been to the Brookside Deli in Silver Spring? It took me years of getting sick in the DC area to discover that little gem, with the best chicken soup around. It's got noodles AND matzoh balls in it. Also, throat coat tea, warm slippers, hot baths with some eucalyptus oil and epsom salts, and funny movies are all good ways to make the most of it.

Thanks for your blog ~ it's awesome!

Sharron who used to work at AWID with you