Perfect Weekend

Not that everything went perfectly but the structure of this weekend was truly perfect-- two normal weekend days, a bonus holiday with the kids and JT to go to the museum and a super bonus day just for me to get all the stuff done around the house that was in no way going to happen during the other days. This makes me think that from now on after a vacation or trip i'm going to send the boys back to school and plan one extra day for me to just to get everything back in order.

I think it's time for a general update. It seems to go in spurts but we enjoyed an awesome weekend of 8 am + wakeups for the whole family. That meant we didn't make it to soccer class on Saturday, but we sure did enjoy our extra sleep.

Silas went to the Doctor for an ear check today and he still has fluid in his right ear. We have to go back in another 4 weeks. At that point if he still has fluid we have to go to an ENT and i'm guessing that means ear tubes. So, we'll just have to wait and see. There's a few upsides, although Silas has had a few colds since his last ear infection, none of them have really stuck around. Which is actually great because not only does it delay any visit to the ENT, but it means Silas isn't in pain. We also had a speech update and we're doing well. Silas is up to about 25 words, a handful of signs and he's starting to "parrot" language. He needs to be up to 50 words by 2 but at least we're making some really good forward progress.

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