Concerns of a 2 and (almost) 4 year old

From March 2009

So i've been traveling again, and another trip at the end of the weekend (just a one nighter) so i have a lot of random things i've been wanting to update folks on but no unifying theme. Thought i'd go ahead and put this together now while i'm watching Silas take a bath and before Henry gets down from playing his nightly allotment of computer games on pbskids.org.

Let's see while Silas still says a very cute "yes" if say you call and talk to him on the phone (the key is a series of yes/no questions), he also seems to prefer "no?" when you ask him most anything in his actual presence. "Silas do you want pasta or soup for dinner?" No? It's cute and maddening. That pretty much sums up very small children.

From March 2009

Henry is either very helpful and respectful or obstinate and stubborn. Sometimes it depends on the day-- he can have a good or bad run for hours at a time. But more likely it varies by the half hour or minute. He's been loving art projects of all kinds for awhile but has had renewed interest in collages with random objects. He also has gotten back on a real book binge and loves watching movies or videos-- especially if they are about nature. Shows on volcanoes and "Blue Planet" are in high rotation lately.

Silas has figured out how to open doors (although honestly he did that awhile back) and just this week can now open the gate at the top of the stairs. He does fine on the stairs by himself, as long as he remembers to go down backwards. At least they are carpeted. Silas is also very, very into his babies.

The binky fairy came last Sunday (thanks to Tabitha and Cullen for reminding me) and was hugely successful. We put Silas to bed without his binky and when he woke up he had a new baby doll. The baby has a binky and a bottle and we talked about how now that he's a big boy he didn't need the binkies (pai in his pronunciation) anymore and that he takes care of his baby now. He's asked a few times for his "pai" since then, but always repeats our sentiments in his own words: "big boy, bye-bye binky, daddy, baby." So now we're pai free.

I'll have plenty of pictures to post soon but for now here's the text post.

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