Isn't that such a smart way to spend our money?

So we hit costco for what seems like our weekly outing on Saturday and found that they had children's vitamins for Henry.  It was a huge bottle with a dinosaur and Henry was quite happy.  At home he honed in on the number on the outside "300."  JT told him they would last almost a year.  So then we talked for quite awhile about how many days in the year there were and how old he'd be in about a year. 

Cue to this morning when the boys slept in and i had to wake them up.  Henry sleepily woke, extracted himself from his blankets and then just let loose with a torrent about the vitamins.  "Mom, aren't you so excited that we spent our money so smartly?!  These vitamins will last us almost a year!"

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Anonymous said...

Awwwww! Love his enthusiasm!