Travel Log

On day one of my trip to NM and while i've been looking forward to the trip for work, i've been dreading it for family reasons.  Silas is so needy right now and has episodes of not being able to seperate from me at all that thought of having to leave him come Monday morning had me really worried.  But just to make sure it's clear that i don't have the blueprint, when i mentioned it was time to get my coat on, his eyes got a little watery but he just gave me a big hug and asked who i was meeting on my trip. 

He and Henry bid me a fond farewell and i just skeddadled out of the house.  Then he got dressed and put on underwear with Oma.  Sounds like it was a great day all around.  So curious to see if the trend continues, but glad for all our sakes that it went well today.  Henry just kept keeping on.  I promise more updates on him to come-- i know they've been Silas centered lately.


Anonymous said...

Yea, Tamra, they are doing great! Silas asked me this morning when you were coming back and I said Friday. And he said "no" and I said "yes, Friday" and he said "no" and then I said, "oh, I mean Thursday". So he already knew! What sweet little boys they are! I'm glad they are patient with me!

Anonymous said...

You're very lucky to have so many supportive grandparents. Enjoy your trip knowing that they will be well taken care of. -Laurie

Anonymous said...

Many thanks to Oma and Opa for helping out during your absence. I know they will have a great time and the boys will adapt to the changes. They like many of us like stability. Hope your trip goes well and your travels go as planned. Ichabod