Celebrating Spring

What a really wonderful weekend.  The beautiful weather, abundant sunshine, and warm enough temps to be outside just lolling around in the grass (oh wait that was Mason), recharged my batteries.  Sharing it with our family and friends made it that much more enjoyable.

Saturday JT worked at the restaurant of a private club downtown and the boys and i had a great time doing easter crafts, cleaning the house (no really) and in general just enjoying the day.  I don't think i even remember any tantrums that morning.  Which in itself is an Easter miracle.

After naps we headed out to our friends' house for some fellowship, a relaxed meal, and a really relaxing evening catching up.  JT was able to meet us out there and although Silas fought a bit about going to sleep over there-- he ultimately did and this time we didn't expose anyone to contagious illnesses.  Last time he had strep throat and we didn't realize it.  Woops-- that's one of my "parenting get out of jail free" cards.

Sunday the boys enjoyed finding their easter baskets and then did an egg hunt in the backyard with Kerala.  Kerala and Henry were very determined, but Henry is two years older, so he was a little quicker, and had slightly more strategy about where to look.  So Henry could barely lift his Easter basket at the end of the hunt, Kerala's was quite full as well and Silas, well...

Here's how it went for Silas.  He did agree to get dressed, so hey that was a great first step in my book.  He found an egg or two and got really excited to open them and find candy and a little bunny.  Then he decided that was good enough and he was ready to move on to the independent play section of the day.

We spent the next hour or so playing soccer, baseball and letting Silas and Kerala entertain us with their duos on the guitar.  Then we had a wonderful meal and more fun outside after naps.  Made for a truly wonderful celebration of spring and gave me a glimpse of some of the fun to come being outside this summer with the boys.

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