Frog and Toad Outtakes

Maybe the title is misleading, but i thought i'd do another post more targeted at family and friends to relate how the party actually went.  If you've stumbled onto this post looking for frog and toad party ideas click here.

When the boys first guest, arrived i told Henry he needed to greet his guest and welcome her to the party.  These formal social interactions often leave him him hiding his head but he jumped up, put his arm around her and asked if she wanted to play his new game (Kids On Stage).  After a few more kids arrived i asked if they were interested in decorating some frog and toad houses.  They were very enthusiastic and jumped into the decorating process with Nonna. 

Nothing lasts for long of course and they were off to play in the playroom with everyone else that had arrived at that point.  I moved a few of them outside for games and had a blast watching the kids play and make up their own bean bag toss games.  Silas headed out with us but didn't want to participate.  He seemed like he was freezing, but he refused to put on a coat and pretty contentedly sat with Nonna.

The kids seemed like they were getting too cold so we moved folks back inside for hot dogs which were ready.  All the parents were helping the kids get settled with their plates and i assisted one of Henry's friends.  She asked for just a plain bun.  I assumed she meant no ketchup or mustard, but no, actually she just wanted the bun no hot dog.  Okey dokey!

While all the kids were eating Silas grabbed his guitar and decided to do two complete songs for everyone.  Usually he'll sing a few bars or strum a few "notes" and then get shy.  This time there was so much hubub and no one drew attention to him and he performed two complete numbers.  He had the time to do this because he declared that he didn't want a hot dog at his party, he wanted to eat peanut butter and jelly after the party was over.  Okey dokey!

Then we herded the cats... i mean guests outside where they got to listen to a frog and toad story called the "corner" about searching for spring around every corner.  While Nonna was reading the story there is a part where frog (or is it toad) looks for spring but just finds pebbles instead.  Someone said something about pebbles could hurt us.  And someone else chimed in with an awesome non-sequitor about how cacti can hurt us also.  Then another little girl said, "actually i have a cactus!"  Somehow Nonna got them back to listen to the rest of the story and when they finished it was time for their own search for spring.

Silas helped me put out the clues which had the kids running from the front of the house to the very back and then back again.  We almost weren't quick enough and as usual i think i could have done double the clues and the kids would have liked to keep on hunting.  After it was over they continued to hide the flowers for each other.

I finally ripped them away with the promise of cupcakes and we went in to sing happy birthday and blow out candles.  Both boys seemed to love this part even though Silas looked a little freaked out about all the singing directed at him/them.

After cupcakes were done it was about 5:30-- two hours after the party start i was starting to relax and was handing out in the kitchen with lots of other guests.  Silas was there too and loudly said... "when is everyone going to go home?"  If that didn't give folks a hint i don't know what would and after a bit guests trickled out. 


Sheree Bloch said...

Thanks Tamra. It sure sounded fun! I know the guests all had a great time again this year!

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