10 week challenge

No, it's not a new diet, or a pledge to read a book a week or anything like that.  The title refers to JT's current quarter at cooking school which (praise be!) is over in 2 more weeks.  In addition to the 6 days of classes that have JT leaving the house by 5 am, he's working at a restaurant Friday, Saturday and Sunday from noon until late.  Oy.  It's been challenging on many fronts that i won't go into here, but it has coincided lately with a) a realization that we MUST get out of the house on the weekends and b) warm weather and the opening of the Chicago beaches.

From June 2010

So this week we "discovered" Humboldt park.  We've driven right by it for years, and we went sledding there this winter but what an even more magical place the park is in this warm season.  Thursday we went to the side of the park where there is a large pond (that had just been stocked with catfish).  Lots of people were out fishing in little nooks that have been created by rock steps down to the waters' edge.  There are bird and butterfly sanctuarys all around the exterior of the pond and meandering nature paths to saunter down.  The boys LOVED watching the old guys fish and Henry has been talking a lot about a fishing poll.  Silas kept asking when he'd get to "tow" the fish.  But personally i don't think i'm up for actually hooking a fish, so we just might need to get out to my grandparents farm again soon so the boys can learn!

On Friday we went over to the other side of Humboldt park where the beautiful field house looks out on the pond that they have dredged, and created a small guarded swimming beach.  We had to find a spot away from the teenagers using less than choice language (so glad it doesn't even register on their ears yet) and then had a blast.  It's a beach, without waves, so it was perfect for the boys to play in at their own pace.  After swimming and building sand castles, we had a picnic right next to the beach on the grass.  In the early evening sun, there was magic to the evening.

Plus, when we got home the boys both went to bed without one little peep.  We'll be going to that beach as much as possible this summer-- and hope to explore the park more and more as the season unfolds.

Today, we went on a epic journey down to the Crown fountain at millenium park.  The forecast was rain all day but i figured the boys had planned to play in the fountain and be wet anyway-- so why not just go anyway.  After we got off the train and walked the 4 blocks or so to the fountain, it was absolutely pouring.  And when we got there the fountain was working and indeed we were the only nutters out there in the pouring rain at the fountain.  We played for awhile and made the first of our 7 trips to the bathroom, and at some point the rain tapered off.  After hitting the cultural center to have sandwiches out of the sog, we went back to the fountain and enjoyed mostly clear skies and lots of fun (and several trips to the bathroom).

After all that, tomorrow we'll be hanging out at home, catching up with the neighbor kids, putting laundry on the line, and generally slowing down before we begin another week.  Night.


Tom Bloch said...

wow! what fun place you found! reading about it was fun, too! and JT's schedul, ohhh my! Glad it is about finished!!!! love you all, Oma

Mike said...
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