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Like many cities and states across the country, the Chicago public school district is facing a pretty whopping budget shortfall for the 2010-2011 school year.  We're grateful that at this point cutting pre-k is off the table in the state legislature, but unless a minor miracle occurs, our school and others across the city will be forced to move from full-day to half-day kindergarten next year.  Although other schools are "strongly encouraging" parents to pay $2000 per pupil to maintain all-day kindergarten, at Goethe we are focused on raising $21K over the course of the summer through our "save-a-teacher fund" in order to maintain small class size by holding on to three teacher positions that would otherwise be cut.

To help do our part we're launching an online silent art auction.  Check it out here (click on the slideshow to go to the picasa site):

The boys selected their best artwork from the year and helped me set opening bids for their work.  Check out their gallery of work, and if you're compelled enter a bid in the comments box.  The auction will close at 5 pm Thursday June 24th.  Pieces will be hand-delivered to family we'll be seeing in person this summer, or mailed to the rest of you in July!

UPDATE: I found out that you essentially need a picasa account to leave a comment (i.e. enter a bid for the artwork). If you have a picasa account feel free to login and proceed as normal. If you don't, you should still be able to browse the individual pieces and see the bids that have already been entered. I've numbered all the artwork now, so just email me with the piece you are interested in and your bid and i'll enter it manually.

If i don't have your contact information make sure to email me at ford dot people at gmail dot com (convert "dots" and "at" to . and @) so i can notify you if you have the winning bid.

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Tabitha said...

I've been seeing this on the Chicago Mom's blog. In this one school, they are not allowing the parents to use the money they raise. Also what gets expensive is not just the salary but the benefits associated with the position. I don't know what the percent is but the group should be asking the school to get the true cost.

I tries to comment but it won't let me, I'll try one more time before I e-mail my bid.