Here i am at 14 weeks, with a new haircut, and trying to maintain good posture. *A note to my readers, i want you to know that i am wearing this outfit for picture comparison purposes only. Not only do i have more than this one outfit-- i wouldn't be caught dead outside the house this uncovered.* Posted by Hello

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Tamra- You look great - and pregnant (not fat)! But i know that no matter what anyone says, YOU don't feel like you look good. Look on the bright side: it's fall, so you're wearing bulkier sweaters, coats, tights, etc., so, short of running outside in your comparison outfit, I doubt any passerby will notice anything about your weight until, lo and behold, you REALLY start to show despite all the cover-up! Thanks for keeping all of us far away posted on the baby's progress. -Marisa