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It's a big news day today, what with two posts. It's still ridiculously early, but i couldn't hold off on setting up the registry any longer. In part i'll rationalize it by saying that we registered at Babies-R-Us, and they are located out in a part of the suburbs that are very far away and i don't like to frequent. I was out there over the weekend arranging delivery of my new office furniture from Ikea, so i decided to just hop on over to the Baby superstore and get things going. Once you have the registry set-up in the store you can edit, add and delete, on-line so i hope to not make many trips back out there.

Other than letting you know you can find the registry information by clicking on the "baby registry" link on the right hand side, i also have to let you know about the experience. I was led to believe that even the most organized would be waylaid by the overwhelming selection and the salespeople that convince you of ridiculous needs.

I know this is no predictor of successfull parenting, but i frankly have to say i did a great, fast job setting up the registry. I already knew what i wanted and what i didn't and the color-coded layout of the store made it really easy. I asked one question of a salesperson and they answered it and moved on. Really, it wasn't the nightmare it was made out to be.

I did have to laugh however at all the promotional materials they give you when you sign-up. My favorite was all the materials and coupons targeted at the grandparents. Obviously it's a lucrative market, but it seemed a little brash to agree to fork over our parents mailing information.

The other thing that caused me a chuckle was when they print out your list after you've scanned everything you want, the last page lets you know what items you missed. It has some language at the top of the page and when i first glanced at it, i just saw the words "know best what's right for your baby." Without reading it, i assumed it said something like "obviously you know what's right for your baby, but here are a few things you might think about adding to your registry." I was thinking how smooth they were in their marketing deparment.

However when i actually read the text it had a much more blunt message. Something to the effect of "Babies-R-Us knows what's best for your baby, so don't forget to register for these missing items."

So, we're registered and now i'm free to spend more time eating per my earlier message.

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Anonymous said...

Good call on not giving out your parents mailing information. Some people that we know could go nuts with this event. Not naming any names but Grandmothers have been known to spend more money on the first grandchild than a six week vacation to Europe!