28 week Doctor Appt

Last week on Thursday i had my 28-week doctor appointment. I had to take a 1-hour gestational diabetes test to check for this type of diabetes that can develop during pregnancy. I just found out that my test came back normal which of course is good news. I also talked to my Doctor about my fears that i'm gaining so much weight. She looked over what i'd been eating and said that it looked like a very well-balanced diet and that I wasn't to worry about my weight-- i've decided to hide the scale in our house until after the baby is born and i can start exercising again!

Dr. P also said that i was measuring right on target for 28 weeks and that the baby's heart-beat was still strong (136). I start going to see her every two weeks and then for the last month will go each week.

I apologize for the late posting of a picture. I hope to get to it tonight. I was away this weekend and it put me behind in my documentation duties.

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