Since Henry's surgery he's had a spate of recent developments. He continues to smile broadly and frequently and often supplements with giggles and squeals. He's a pretty intense baby-- most often he's either smiling and happy or screaming and very, very unhappy. He doesn't have a lot of in-between. He recovered well from his surgery, but other than the cessation of his gigantic projectile vomit episodes-- he's basically the same Henry.

H went on his first vacation this past week to Estes Park, Colorado. He was quite a hiker and enjoyed taking naps at high altitude while being front-packed by Dad. There's new photos in yahoo of the trip. Henry slept almost the whole way on the flight there and only cried for a bit on the way back. It's funny how once you have a baby, you start evaluating everyone that's walking down the aisle for how baby-friendly they seem. We wound up sitting next to an older woman who was very sweet towards Henry but not overly chatty-- perfect!

Looking at his left hand is a constant source of entertainment now and runs second only to looking at lights-- a favorite since the early days. I wish we had good news to report in the sleep department, but actually Henry's nighttime sleep has been deteriorating. Other than 2 days of constant and sound sleep after his surgery, Henry has been sleeping in shorter and shorter chunks at night. Things reached a logger-head on Tuesday night. After working for an hour and half to get him to sleep, he only slept the rest of the night in 30 minute chunks.

The next night i put him to sleep in his carseat and he slept for 6 hours straight. He's been somewhere in between since then-- sleeping 4-5 hours when i first put him down and then not going back to sleep soundly after that. We've tilted the mattress of his crib again and have a pediatrician appointment tomorrow to see if the sleep issues are related to continuing stomach problems or not.

This week my grandmother comes to visit us and then she, I and Henry are taking a trip to DC to spend the 4th at my parents' beach house and catch up with friends in DC. Look for more pictures at the end of next week!

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