This past week i had two notable solo outings with Henry-- Old Navy and the grocery store. It's no surprise that after birthing a child your clothes don't exactly fit you in the way they used to. In order to get through the summer i realized i was going to require some new t-shirts, so i decided a trip to old navy was in order. Luckily Henry fell asleep in his carseat on the way there and slept in the stroller while we were in the store and i was trying on clothes.

This trip emboldened me to tackle the weekly grocery shopping after we didn't make it to the store this weekend. Again Henry slept in the car and in the stores but getting all the groceries up into the house and put away wasn't as easy. By the time we got home Henry was ready to be out of the carseat and to be held, which is not easy when you're trying to cram frozen goods into the freezer.

All in all though it feels good to be more mobile.

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