Personality Development

A friend asked me recently if i was noticing Henry's personality developing. There are a few things i've observed and i'm curious to see if they are borne out as Henry grows. So that i can remember what they are down the line i though i would post about them.

Henry seems to be a very observant baby. He likes nothing more than to sit and look around wide-eyed. In fact he likes looking at the light and his surroundings so much that he fights sleep-- even when he's completely exhausted. He also seems fairly sensitive to transitions and new things. If something takes him off guard he isn't very happy-- trouble is it's hard to warn a baby. I provide a running commentary of what is going to happen next, but somehow i'm not always sure he gets my gist. Certain things that he wasn't very happy about at first-- like the bath-- seem to get better with time and repeated occurrences.

I'm so curious to see Henry develop more and find out if these particular traits stick around.

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