15 Week Update

Henry is getting close to the 4 month mark and has been continuing to make progress on a number of fronts. He is sleeping so much better now it's amazing. He routinely sleeps 7-9 hour stretches at night and is napping 1 to 1.5 hours during the day (at least at daycare!) He still cries to wind himself down but now the sound is muffled because his hands are jammed in his mouth.

Henry is obsessed with his hands. He likes to hold them together in front of his chest and can very easily get them in his mouth where he likes to suck away on them. He can hold toys and wave them around and likes to sit-up (assisted) rather than lay down. He enjoys being bounced on the knee and will stand up and hold his head when you hold his hands.

He's doing wonderfully with Miss Brenda; enjoying watching the other kids and sleeping well. He's also been guzzling down his bottles over there and really growing. H will have his 4 month appointment soon with the Ped so we'll get to see just how much he weighs now. There are a few new pictures on the yahoo site!

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