I'm can't promise it will last, but i've been inspired to try to write about Henry's life on a more daily basis. This way i can record the small details of parenting and Henry's babyhood without trying to wrap all of his accomplishments up in a pithy email every month or so.

To that end i'll tell you a little bit about Henry's day. Today was Sunday so H-money was with us all day. We've been working on getting him to flip-flop his 3-4 hour and 7-8 hour stints at night so that his longest sleep shift coincides with when i'm actually asleep. I think we've had some progress with that but to be honest i can't tell because i think i might be sleeping through his crying now. Typically i feed him at around 10 and he goes right back to sleep. Then i get myself in bed and go to sleep by 10:45 or so. The last two nights he's woken up at 2 am but i just go in and tell him he needs to go back to sleep. I know he cries a bit before falling back to sleep, but i can't say for sure if he's then just sleeping until 6 or 7 or if he's crying during the night and i can't hear him. I find i'm a sounder sleeper now-- because i have to be i think.

He woke up at 6 this morning and i brought him into bed to feed him. Oftentimes we'll both fall back asleep until 8 or 9 but this morning he was fully awake, laughing and happy. Thankfully JT got up with him and they played together until i got up around 8. By then it was about time for a nap for Henry but we went out for brunch afterwards at a neighborhood restaurant. It's so nice now that Henry can go out with us (on well-timed outings) and entertain himself by attempting to shove his entire fist in his mouth or playing with a toy.

His naps for the rest of the day were brief or non-existent so he was one tired little guy by 7 tonight. When i put him down he only fussed a minute or two and fell asleep. We'll see what the night brings.

One other note, i decided to try giving him a bath in his little bathtub tonight. We used the little tub when he was first born and he absolutely hated it. He didn't really mind it tonight but it was not very convenient so we're going back to having him take baths with me or JT from now on.

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