17 Weeks/ 2 Years, 3 Months, 1 Week

I think Silas' personality is starting to develop in a more robust way recently. He's still very mellow but he's also quite social. He'll coo and gurgle until he gets you to look at him and then he flashes this HUGE satisfied grin. It's fun to see him discovering cause and effect and nice that he's chosen honey rather than vinegar to test things out.

Although Henry was quite the happy baby by this time, i seem to remember him being much involved in his hands and his toys than Silas is. Give Silas a face to smile at and he'll choose it over whatever flashing, musical doo-dad you're trying to show him.

Henry is really into giving kisses now. He has been a good hugger for a long time but kisses have taken awhile for him to figure out. For the longest time if you asked him to give you a kiss he would hold his cheek out for you as if OF COURSE you meant that you wanted to kiss HIM. With coaxing he would occasionaly hold his mouth still and have it hover near your cheek, but in the past few weeks he has taken hold of the kissing sound and now asks to give someone a kiss whenever he's saying good-bye or good-night. It's very, very sweet.

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