New Car!

We have a new (used) car to unveil! After setting up an alert for newer model Mazda5's with less than 10,000 miles on them, we were lucky enough to get a hit at a local CarMax in just a few days.

We're now the proud owners of what we're calling a "micro-minivan." It has sliding doors on both sides-- three rows of seats (although it seats 6 instead of the 7 a traditional minivan would seat), cupholders galore and gets about almost exactly the same gas mileage our Nissan Altima gets. All four back seats fold flat to produce a nice amount of cargo space and with the six seats, when we have visitors we'll all be able to go somewhere together-- without sending an advance party on the bus.

It's dark blue and the boys are excited-- especially Silas who got his seat turned around now that he's over the weight limit for forward-facing.

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