In the spirit of disclosure

I'm sure i'll be posting a recap of our second glorious week of vacation soon-- but in the event of disclosing what the return to real life has been like i thought i'd post a short vignette on my first morning back.

Wake up to neighbor's dogs barking ferociously at everyone that walks by. Stumble out of bed, hear that neither child ate much breakfast. Get ready to take shower but headed off in the bathroom by said boys and the Mister. Am told the Mister needs to get to work early and can i shower after i take the boys to daycare. Most certainly not. Take boys downstairs to get dressed and try to remember our morning routine. While i pour coffee realize the bathroom door has been left open with (close your eyes this is gross) an unflushed toilet. Find Silas stirring the waters. Some blessing-- it was only liquid and he only used one hand. Wash, soap and scrub Silas' hands and arms as if he's to perform baby surgery. Than wash him down with a generous does of hand sanitizer. Return to coffee. Remember that i used to take a shower while Silas bounced in his doorway bouncer. Herd the boys back upstairs, set Henry up on the computer with a document, hook up the bouncer and install Silas-- take a shower. Thankfully the day looked up from here.

There are new pictures up in the June folder, the bethany beach folder (with a slideshow on the left) and pictures of our backyard and garden in the maplewood folder.

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