Vacation Week 2

Before i completely lose track of the details of the second week of our vacation, i'm finding time to post.

We kicked things off by a visit to the local minor league team. We went last year and Henry LOVED the mascot-- Sherman the Shorebird. He called him the "big booboo" last year and raved about him even when we had returned to Chicago. So, i ordered him a small Sherman doll which i remembered to pack this year (pat on the back for that one) and Henry brought it with him to the game. Turned out we were on the away team's side so Sherman only came over once but Henry was so excited to give him a hug and a kiss. When we got up close he wasn't so sure and only let me take a picture with Sherman quite a few yards in the background. Henry did pay a decent amount of attention to the game and was getting really excited by the bigger kids yelling behind us. He also had a ride on the carousel which he was still a little freaked by but mostly enjoyed.

We took the jet skis out again and Henry did great-- loved it and wanted to keep riding. Even Silas got in on the act and wanted to play on the boat when no one else was riding it.

Silas continued to improve his walking technique and within a few days went from having both arms outstretched, a la the mummy, to just one, to walking with his hands at his side. He's pretty quick to master things once he makes that initial progress.

We alternated pool and beach days and on Friday Henry, my parents and I attended the 4th of July parade. Henry and I had made a "spirit stick" the day before and it didn't take long for him to figure out how to shake it and run after thrown candy. At one point he got really serious and said, "there's candy coming!" He jumped up put the piece he was in holding in our stash and ran back around to be all ready. I can only imagine in a few years he'll be like the older kids darting in and out of the parade to get precious bits of candy.

JT and i celebrated our 8th anniversary while on vacation and had an amazing dinner at the Buttery in Lewes. It was a very relaxing afternoon and even sweeter after our same plans last year were curtailed by JT falling ill.

Finally, we capped off our trip with a day spent back at Oma and Opa's house. They got to see Henry and I again and spend some time with Silas and JT who they missed at the front-end. Uncle Eric spent the day with us as well.

The flight home wasn't great-- we spent an extra hour waiting on the plane but it was manageable and with no other flight plans in sight with the boys not a big deal.

This was a truly great vacation. Good for recharging the batteries, having fun, and taking a break from all the stuff that sucks away at least some of the good times once you're back in real life (i.e. the home refinance, parking sticker, finding a babysitter, etc.)

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I am sure that having grandkids is the greatest joy! Oma