Brotherly Love-- the real world

Silas is in his normal spot rocking in the chair outside my bathroom while i get ready in the morning.  Henry was upstairs for at least 15 minutes before Silas came up and not a mention of the rocking chair.  As soon as Silas comes up and starts to make a beeline for it, Henry says loudly-- "I want to rock."  Which of course makes Silas wail because this is part of his routine, and you just don't get between Silas and his routine (he doesn't care much for your routine though, thank you very much.)

I point out that Henry hadn't given the chair the time of day until Silas wanted it.  Henry chose not to engage on that one but offered a solution-- why didn't we bring up the child's rocking chair from downstairs.  Hey good troubleshooting kid, i'll be back in a jiffy.  I bring the chair up and after i've gotten the hairbrush through my hair twice i look back as more screams are breaking out.  Henry is rocking in the chair i brought him, but only if it's going to be right in front of Silas' chair, bonking into it with every rock.

And that about sums up the state of brotherly love in our house right now.

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Anonymous said...

I think this pretty much sums up "getting along" from siblings to nations. Some learn what works and some never do!