Dry little Piggies

Silas surprised us again today on the potty training front.  After my last post the thrill of underwear seemed to wear off, or for some reason he just didn't seem to want to wear it.  No biggie.  Someday he'll potty train, i know that.  Then this morning we were talking about when and if we needed to get dressed and Silas was giving us a little bit of static about needing to get dressed before some friends came over to play.  I told him he could stay in his pajamas until just before they got there.  Then surprisingly, around 9 am he told me he wanted to get dressed.

I hopped up, headed straight for his closet and as we were going to change his diaper he announced that not only did he want to get dressed on his own free will, but he wanted to go potty, and then pick out underwear.  And we did.  And he picked some underwear with pigs on it and was very happy to show and tell everyone that he was keeping his underwear warm and dry.

He resisted the 30 minute timer i set to go potty but wore his underwear all day-- even when we went grocery shopping, and didn't have an accident.  Could this really be something?  I'll keep you posted.


Anonymous said...

Wow that's awesome news and delightful to hear! I wish you well with it. One never knows how important little piggies are! Oh, and I like that he kept his undies "warm" also. very important word there! :)

Kaleena said...

exciting! I hope it is still going well