Train Underwear

I may go back to more frequent but "vignette-type" postings for a bit.  I'm finding it difficult to craft more of an essay-type blog post.  But enjoy sharing the boys' going-ons with folks, and documenting them for myself in an online type of journal.

Silas first started showing some (limited) interest in using the potty months ago (i think it might have even been late summer).  His interest clearly waned and i haven't pushed much at all because well, this is Silas and you just don't push unless you have to.  Two nights ago he found a pair of Henry's old Thomas underwear and got completely excited.  He demanded he put it on right away and talked and talked about keeping it dry and using the potty.  He jumped up and down and clapped and did keep his underwear dry.  So now we're sending underwear to daycare and intend to see how he does there, before we try this at home.  He's been more willing to use the potty regularly at daycare which is why we're trying this approach.  We'll see.  It sure would be nice if he decided to fully move out of diapers in time for preschool in the fall!

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Anonymous said...

Yeah for Silas!! And Thomas! And mom and dad, and Brenda, et al!