Calm before the storm...

Everyone tells you that just as soon as you get things under control with kids everything changes. I can't tell you how many parents drilled that into me starting when they first found out i was pregnant. I'm sure it's completely accurate advice but now i've gotten completely freaked out that because things are starting to, dare i say, feel like they've settled into a routine, life is about to shake up again. Maybe we'll get even just a little longer to enjoy things like they are.

I took today to size up where we are with Henry and it's a fun place to be. H seems to love Ms. Brenda and being with the other kids at daycare. I'm happy to be back at work and enjoying having some structure to my day. Henry is all happy and smiles after work and goes to bed pretty promptly at 7 pm. We still haven't quite gotten to the sleeping all night point but otherwise things are looking good. I've even resumed some of my evening activities-- including my ballet class.

Lately when Henry is eating in the evening he'll look up at me and flash a big smile and then turn his head coyly into my arm. He's turning into quite a charmer and working on cooing and talking all the time now.

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