Henry has been more and more psyched about his clothes lately, and also more specific about what he wants to wear. I pulled out two bathing suits we had kicking around from last year to see if they still fit, in anticipation on our beach trip later this month. Henry was so excited to try them on but after putting the first one on he would have no part of taking it off in order to try the next one on. It can't have been very comfortable, but he wore these for several hours and only reluctantly agreed to change into pajamas for bed.

One thing i wanted to mention so that it's recorded for posterity is his current pronunciation of out. He says it like he's from the far reaches of Canada so it's something like Ow-UT! He just learned that it means you've finished something, i.e. "run out of milk," in addition to going outside, so he's been walking around yelling it emphatically for the past few days. His newest word-- is above, which he learned this afternoon on the way home from Brenda's. His newest obsession is with all the bridges and overpasses around the city. Several are for the elevated trains, some for the highway, and some that are out of use but used to be for trains. I was explaining that the train tracks are "above us" on the bridge so now he calls the bridges, "a-buh-buh" which is his interpretation of "above us." It's extremely cute.

Silas had a content and slow day so i'll regale you with another Henry tale. We went to the bookstore this evening so that Henry could pick out a book for his friend Helen to take to her birthday party on Saturday. When i told him we were going to the book store he started saying "shh" and holding his finger to his mouth, indicating that we had to be quiet in the book store. When we got there he was so excited that he kept saying "MOMMY!" and then very quietly, "shh." He's got more personality that i sometimes think is possible given his small size.

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What a fun Blog! We must get out there soon! Henry does have a great little personanlity all enfolded in his two year old body. And I am having a bit of trouble remembering Silas is only 10 weeks old- he seems so mature.Must be his calm and quiet nature. Love you all! PS Any word on your Brenda's closing daycare this summer for vacation?