Worth the Wait?

I know i promised patio pictures a week ago, so today i finally reveal them. None of the pictures i took during our bbq this weekend turned out great, but these give you a general idea of the patio-- not anything too fancy, but completely functional and lovely to have so that we're no longer sitting in the dirt when we want to entertain outside (grass didn't grow very well in this spot.) Edited to add: the other picture is (from lft to rt) Kerala, Silas, and Gabriel (Marc and Jessica's baby).

Unfortunately i have one doozy of a cold so when 7:30 rolled around and it was time for Silas to eat and start getting ready for bed, we both came inside and called it quits for the night. Basically if i stay in bed, or laying down i feel just like i have a head cold. Once i start moving around or getting up a lot (and it's so hard to stay still!) i start to feel more like i have the flu-- with aches and chills and all that. So i'm doing my best to be a good patient and Silas is being pretty accommodating by being his chill little self.

Saturday of course i completely violated the "staying-in-bed" advice when we headed out to get portraits taken of both boys. I can definitively say that doing it with two is much harder than with just one. JT came along to help which was a life-saver, but i think that i may just become our official photographer from now on. I think i take some fine pictures if i say so myself, and all that stands between me and the JC Penny portrait studio are those background fabrics which i think i can replicate fairly well with a sheet and a clothesline. The only way i could get one with both boys was to jump in the picture myself, and that turned out to not be my photogenic high point (did i mention i was sick?) The good part was that we got several cute pictures of Silas which is cool because when Henry was about this age we got one shot and then BOOM MAJOR CRYING FIT which lasted quite awhile.


Anonymous said...

The patio looks great, but who are the babies lined up? Silas, then ? I can't find Kerala. They sure are cute! Hope you feel better soon Tamra! Love to you all. PS I think you are a great photographer- keep 'em coming. Sheree

Kathy said...

The patio does look great and the babies look very sweet. You are a wonderful photographer, I am often amazed at the photos. Take care of yourself!