Quick Catch-up

Unfortunately i've come down with a summer cold so i'm laying low and concentrating on taking care of myself and getting better. I did want to say that the beauty in the picture with Silas is Kerala, Corey and Troy's daughter. Kerala and Silas are just a little over a week apart in age and have spent many hours of their infancy together. We realized that although we all see each other several times a week we didn't have many pictures of the babies together. So we did a whole photo shoot and came up with tons of beautiful pictures.

Because i was feeling pretty sick this morning, JT took Henry to daycare so that i didn't have to get up. He and Henry walked to the train station from our house (about a 15 minute walk) and then rode the train to the stop by Brenda's. JT said that Henry did really well, walked almost the whole way, and was completely psyched for the trains.

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